Buying or selling a property is often the most important financial decision that we take. But the process is complex and involves lots of legal formalities before the title is transferred. Several little things can go wrong during the process which can have a lasting effect on your property dealing decision. Engaging an expert conveyancer to oversee the process is therefore a popular practice.

A property conveyancer can be a solicitor or an individual licensed by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers. There are many firms, both online and offline, that offer expert conveyancing service to buyers and sellers. During the dealing either party can involve a conveyancer to oversee the process of the dealing.

The conveyancer would act on his behalf to ensure that the title transfer follows the right process. Sometimes a conveyancer may also prepare the contract by penning down the terms and conditions. Your conveyance may also receive the property selling price on your behalf if you want to keep the dealing discreet.